Processed red meat can bring to heart failure and lethal outcome

Even moderate amount of processed red meat can bring to higher risk of lethal outcome as a result of heart failure. The research and its results were published in the American Heart Association Journal.

Preserved meats such as sausage, hot dogs, bacon, ham, salami are prepared with addition of preservatives therefore it includes nitrates, sodium, phosphates and etc. Besides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that are contained in the smoked and grilled meats also affect badly. These substances raise the risk of potential heart failure, as one of the authors of the study Alicja Wolk, D.M.Sc. from the Stockholm Institute assures. There is less sodium in unprocessed meat.

Swedish researchers studied the effects of different kinds of meats. Processed and unprocessed meat was examined. 37 035 men who were from 45 to 79 years old took part in the research. They all did not have heart problems or cancer before. The participants were asked to answer the questions about their menu, eating habits and way of life. Then they were under medical observation from 1998 to 2010, on the basis of which the conclusions were made.

The following results were obtained:
The lethal outcome occurred in 266 cases of 2891 patients with heart failure that was diagnosed during these 12 years. Participants who used to eat processed meat often (more than 75 g. daily) were more inclined to suffer from heart problems in comparison with men who consumed only 25 g. of meat daily. The risk increased 28%. Those who ate processed meat most of all had 2 times bigger risk of lethal outcome in comparison with other groups of men. A slice of ham (50 g.) per day is able to increase heart failure 8% and lethal outcome by 38%. Men from the other group who did not eat processed meat and consumed only unprocessed red meat had the same amount of risk as previously.

The questionnaire included 96 points men had to complete. Then the results were processed to reveal the consumption of meat products, their variety and type in the course of one year. The questions also asked about consumption of hamburgers and ground-minced meat.

The results of the study make the same conclusion as Physicians’ Health Study, which pointed out that men who ate much meat had 24% higher risk of heart problems.

Polish researcher Joannna Kaluza, Ph.D does not recommends red processed meat in big amounts if you want to decrease the level of risk of cardiovascular problems. It is advisable to reduce the number of serving to a couple of servings a week. Limited amount of red processed meat will make you healthier and stronger, especially if you add more fruit, nuts, grain products, fish and vegetables to your diet. Fish can be a great substitute of meat.

The experts were going to repeat the research in relation to women this time.

Taking into account horrible figures of patients with cardiovascular diseases in the USA (6 million with heart failure) and incidence rate of deaths among them (50%!), the situation is very serious. The expenses of healthcare increase greatly because of this lethal diagnosis. USA has to spend 34 billion dollars more annually to solve the problems that appear because of it.

The American Heart Association came up with recommendations to follow the dietary pattern, in which the following products should take the main place:

  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Poultry
  • Dairy products (low-fat content)
  • Nuts

At this, it was asked to reduce the amount of sugary beverages, foods with sugar and red meat. When meat is consumed, preference should be given to lean meat. Poultry should be eaten without skin. Fish should enter your menu at least two times per week. Omega 3 fatty acids contained in fish strengthen your health. Choose herring, salmon, trout with high amount of omega 3 fatty acids.