A few extra pounds can undermine normal blood pressure

Indulgence influences health. Even small gain when you add 5 pounds to your weight can bring to higher blood pressure in persons who would be healthy without durable pleasant relaxation.

This discovery is very important. It demonstrates that even small weight gains that people get on holidays can deteriorate personís health, as the lead author of the study Naima Covassin, Ph.D. says.

These risks are actually known to all but usually the information is referred to more serious conditions when people gain much weight and suffer from obesity that brings to a range of diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and even cancer. However, the research was conducted, studied the effects of small weight gain.

The team of researchers showed that rise of blood pressure is linked to the abdominal visceral fat as people tend to gain weight in waist area first of all. The researchers suggest that such people are also inclined to develop higher blood pressure as well.

High blood pressure causes respiratory problems, chest pain but it does not necessarily mean that these symptoms will be present in the persons. As American Heart Association states, 78 million of people suffer from high blood pressure.

How weight gain affects health

People can gain 5-7 pounds when they start studying at college. This entails high blood pressure in students.

The study continued for 2 months, during which 16 people were tested. People who were 18-48 years old had their blood pressure checked with 24-hour monitor.

The participants who consumed extra calories in the amount 400-1200 cal. daily had 5% of weight gain. During the study the participants could choose between energy drink, chocolate bar and ice-cream shake. At the end of the study the blood pressure was checked in the same way. Then the readings taken in the beginning of the study and 2 months later were compared.

It was discovered that participants who had weight gain, increased average systolic blood pressure as well. To be more particular, the figures changed from 114 to 118 mm Hg. The participants with weight gained in the waist area (abdomen fat) had higher blood pressure.

5-11 pounds of weight gain is regarded as inconsiderable. When it occurs, it does not affect blood sugar level, insulin and cholesterol.

What risks to expect

Normal systolic blood pressure does not surpass 120 mm Hg. It measures the pressure in the arteries during beating of heart. High systolic pressure is one of the factors that contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease in patients 50+.

Short periods of different lifestyle can affect the personís health so the study raises the awareness of negative effects of the obesity. As it turned out, people did not even know that such slight changes can entail unpleasant consequences.

The authors consider that further studies are necessary to determine if other focus groups show the same result as well. The research can be performed, for instance, in diverse age groups or groups with predisposition to hypertension due to genetic factor, when somebody from the family suffered from high blood pressure.

Specialists from AHA recommend people to be checked for hypertension every two years. It is acute for all people with normal level as well because hypertension does not have evident symptoms.